About us

About Us

Our Mission

The Millers Voice”

UGMA  was formed to bring together grain millers speak with one voice. We harness relevant millers’ services to policy-makers, traders, suppliers, and customers. UGMA provides the required leadership to its members in functions that are suitable for the growth of the industry to manage. We aim to continue advancing independent, fact-based dialogue and advocacy for our members by assessing the emerging and potential inhibitors to trade, and local consumers. UGMA supports the government’s efforts (both national and county) of ensuring that trade is not impacted by technical and economic barriers that may arise via legislative actions. We have cordial relations with various Government ministries such as the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health and other government agencies like KEBS and other food certification organizations.

  • Lobbying and Advocacy.
  • Holding capacity-building workshops to equip the millers with knowledge and a broader understanding of fortification.
  • Financial Support by providing guarantees for a credit purchase of a microdoses by UGMA members.
  • Partnering with machine suppliers who can modify an affordable microdozer for small millers.


‘The Millers Voice”

Our Core Values

‘The Millers Voice”

To be the association of choice for the milling industry in Kenya.

We believe in serving our members with transparency and accountability. We integrate honesty, fairness and business ethics into all aspects of our functioning.

We ensure that the interests of our members are best represented in the formation and implementation of public policy affecting the milling industry. In addition we provide timely and relevant information to our members in regard to milling.

The Team

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