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Provision of safe and affordable Maize flour for our consumers.

United Grain Millers Association.

The Millers Voice”

UGMA was established in May 2017 to articulate the issues affecting the maize industry and lobby for a liberalized maize market. We have an operational office based in the industrial area, opposite Road C, off Mombasa road at Kuguru Food Complex.UGMA reach at least 53.3% of ugali consumers (by milling capacity in Kenya). We have spread in all urban and informal settlements as well as villages and remote areas. We reach needy ugali consumers who can’t afford micronutrient supplements and many who don’t have access to medical services until the deficiency is manifest and disease-causing. 

UGMA also plays a key role in fortification where we serve in the Kenya National Food Fortification Alliance (KNFFA) where the association chairman plays the role as the chairman in this special committee. In our operations as an association, we have been able to partner with TechnoServe, Nutrition International, Global Alliance (GAIN), Government through the Principal Secretary (Ministry of Agriculture), Milling machines suppliers (Pingle Machinery Company) and aflatoxin testing kits suppliers.

Our services

  • Lobbying and Advocacy.
  • Holding capacity-building workshops to equip the millers with knowledge and a broader understanding of fortification.
  • Financial Support by providing guarantees for a credit purchase of a microdoses by UGMA members.
  • Partnering with machine suppliers who can modify an affordable microdozer for small millers.


The United Grain Millers Association (UGMA) was formed with the objective of dealing with policy issues in relation to the Government. Of particular importance then was to lobby against high Maize import duties, address problems faced with cyclical maize shortages and to lobby for a liberalized maize  market. Today the Maize Millers place more emphasis on the provision of safe and affordable Maize flour for our consumers.

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UGMA is a COVID19 Ministry of Health Policy Compliant.